Ar. Archana & Amit Shah - The Designer Duo

An archetypal Archana & Amit Shah design renders beauty in exquisite and exuberant form. It is a celebration of space where design intersperses into a variety of elements to make an environment that looks warm, welcoming, meaningful, functional, and attractive with a timeless appeal.

Having met with a common interest in design, this renowned designer couple’s journey of more than two decades in Interior Architecture is marked with unending passion, appreciation, elation and aspirations, to say the least.

Design, for Ar. Archana & Amit Shah, adapts as per individual interests, socio-cultural contexts, a multitude of purposes and much more. They pay great attention to detail. Their designs are marked by an aura of remarkable timelessness; a fusion of the traditional accents mingled with contemporary class! The use of color and texture play an integral role. It evokes joy and exhilarates the senses! Vibrant and all-encompassing, their spaces fundamentally exude a happy vibe and are honest to the tee!

An exciting blend of sophisticated urbanity and ethnic enchantment, their projects flash a rich synthesis of recreating an old-world charm amidst a modern milieu.The diversity of their projects, beginning from restoration of heritage structures to going beyond geographical boundaries, whether Indian or International:artistic & luxurious abodes, swanky office spaces, bespoke design studios,or quirky food joints, each project has its innate experience, a charm that is peculiarly it's own!

Their design could span from being chic and elevated; eclectic and inspired; clean and conversational; curated or textured; the permutations and combinations are endless and intriguing! The expanse of their design ingenuity is versatile in itself!

Fascinated by the natural magnetism themselves, they let nature interact beautifully within their design framework and let it create a story of its own. Whether it is natural light swaying its way across or those luscious greens finding their way in, these natural elements add its flair of splendor and style, in its most nascent form!

Tailored to excellence, a typical Ar. Archana & Amit Shah space inhabits art collectibles and has an evolving streak, peculiar to the designers’ sensibility of transitioning in time and space, as they like it, as they want it! Passionate art collectors themselves, antiques as well as contemporary pieces of art are their all-time favorites. These pieces inculcate an enticing flair, a sense of belongingness, an instant connection that pleases the soul and its excellent artistry and aesthetics enamor beyond measure. The designers particularly advocate the use of traditional artisans’ craftsmanship, which are masterpieces in themselves, each with its quintessential beauty& eternal charm.

Winning accolades and recognition for their exemplary work in the field of Interior Architecture, their sensitivity and sensibility reflect in the spaces and exceptional environments that they create. It’s never a pompous display of extravaganza; it’s a smart and tangible use of space with the right blend of art and design, within the canvas of nature, that creates an inimitable visual experience!

Sharing their design insights by way of editorial contributions across a multiplicity of publications to writing weekly columns in newspapers, to compiling books, the designer couple has shared their approach and perception of design in multiple forms; their interests have been multifold; it’s garnered much curiosity and appreciation; and the couple has most actively shared their vision and thought processes about art and design, whenever and wherever possible, on various available platforms.

Design for them is not something they do; it’s their life! So the spaces they design have a piece of their heart and soul, not merely their work on display! Capturing emotions, interests, and the essence of each environment, for them it’s a journey of progression, of the excellence in form and function that transcends into eternity and goes further beyond!

Archana & Amit Shah - The Designer Duo